CityPASS Review

Is City Pass right for you? Probably.
You can purchase a Chicago CityPass here.

We actually bought a Chicago CityPASS and played tourist for 3 days in Chicago. And we liked it! It really was a great way to have that cheap Chicago vacation and still see lots of Chicago. The Chicago CityPass gets you into the following.

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All Access to Field Museum
If you are thinking about getting one, here are some questions and answers to consider before getting a Chicago CityPASS.

Did we really save money like they say?
Yes. According to our calculations we saved 47%. The advertisements will say something closer to 54%. Your savings vary depending on which attractions you choose to go to.

Did you actually save time? 
Definitely. Your Chicago CityPASS admission tickets also gets you into the VIP line. Every attraction had at least 2 lines. The VIP line was the shorter of the two :) We  did not come to Chicago to wait in line.

Did you need a car to get to all the stuff in the Chicago CityPASS?
Good question. No. In fact all but one of the sites are within walking distance. We didn't even need to use public transportation. (once we were lazy and decided to take a cab). Most are within walking distance except the Museum of Science and Industry. But the #6 and #10 (weekends only) bus lines run from downtown to the museum.

How much vacation time should I have in Chicago for the Chicago CityPASS to be worth it? 
We used our CityPASS over the course of 2 and half days.  We felt like that was way pushing it. It can easily give you enough to do in Chicago for 3 to 6 days.

Was it a hassle to pick up? 
Nope. We printed off the receipt and went to our first choice attraction - the Field Museum. The lady at the ticketing booth had a whole pack of Chicago CityPASS booklets. Your Chicago CityPASS booklet literally gives you all the tickets you need, and you pick that booklet up at whatever attraction you first bring your receipt to. Alternatively, you can have the Chicago CityPASS people send you the booklet in the mail before your trip.

Skipped that line with our CityPASS
Would you recommend this to your mom? 
Yeah, especially since my mom has a tough time making decisions and gets sidetracked easily. (Love ya mom!) We liked it because there are hundreds of attractions in Chicago and instead of trying to pick the best ones, you have a 7 picked out for you. Makes vacationing easier.

Was it hard not to smile when you passed all the people waiting in line? 
Sometimes, yeah. But we got good at channeling our rockstar faces walking by.

If this sounds right for your Chicago vacation, go ahead a purchase a Chicago CityPass here