Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Skydeck Chicago Review

Chicago CityPass gets you into the VIP (read fast!) line to the top of the Sears/Willis Tower. This is a review of our experience.  

If visiting Chicago with a CityPass seems right for your travel plans, buy one here 
*Remember CityPass is valid for 9 days after the 1st use.

Time: 1 hour with no line.

The Sears tower is no longer owned by Sears! Skydeck is in the Sears tower, but it is now called the Willis tower. Go figure.

We went 1st thing on a Sunday morning. We basically had the place to ourselves. Judging from how the lines are set up this place can get extremely busy. I’m glad we had the City Pass because we would have had VIP access. That means that if we went during a busy time, we would have skipped the vast majority of the line.

Overall the Chicago exhibits before getting to the elevator were well done. There is also a 10 minute or so movie that explains the genesis of the Sears tower.  Once you get through all the exhibits, then comes the huge elevator ride that takes you all the way to the top.  The whole skydeck floor is open so you get a panorama view of Chicago.  There is something very liberating viewing a city from a really tall building.

Make sure you enjoy “The Ledge” - 4 completely glass balconies that jut over the west side of the building. I realize they are reinforced with steel and it would be a huge liability if the glass broke and someone fell to their death from the top of the Willis tower, BUT it still got my heart pitter pattering to walk out on that.

We did Skydeck our last day in Chicago. It meant more going on our last day because we were familiar with the city and knew what we were looking at.