Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shedd Aquarium Review

Chicago CityPass gets you an all-access pass to the Shedd Aqaurium. Including a 3D movie, the aquatic show, and any special exhibits. This is a review of our experience.  

If visiting Chicago with a CityPass seems right for your travel plans, buy one here 

*Remember CityPass is valid for 9 days after the 1st use.

Time: 3-4 hours Possible to spend the whole day there.

First of all walking up to Shedd, I would expect it to be a large old bank or mansion, or courthouse, except for the fact is says SHEDD AQUARIUM in huge letters across the top.

Pengiuns have such spunk. The Shedd Penguins are no exception. I also am partial to the sea otters. They are currently rehabilitating a little baby otter.

Jellies exhibit - Jellyfish mesmerize the senses. Some glow, some have weird shapes and sizes. Very, very cool looking animals. This exhibit is included in the CityPASS.

Aqautic Show - Beluga whales, Beluga whales! I’ve been to many an aquatic show, but I have never ever seen these white giants perform in a show. They also had the always entertaining sea lion and dolphins. If you are a teenager/young adult sit in the far corners of the auditorium and you may get picked to help the trainers with the beluga and dolphins! A girl next to us was picked and got to pet the beluga. This show is included in the Chicago CityPASS.

4D Planet Earth show – We’re huge suckers for the Planet Earth series. So add together a Planet Earth selection in 3D and rumbling chairs with mist spritzing and we’re in heaven. It’s a nice breather from standing so much too. This show is included in the Chicago CityPASS.

Tips: Arrive at opening on a weekday for smaller crowds.

Have your CityPASS ahead of time, so you can go in the VIP lane to get in. You won’t have to wait as long. However, at peak times you may be waiting in line in the VIP lane, but it’ll be 4x shorter that the regular line.
NOT the VIP line.
If you get stuck with a massive line out the front (like we did), go around the right side of the building to the accessibility entrance. The man with fish Fountain will mark the path. You’re welcome.

Would you rather pay $34.95 to go the Shedd Aquarium or essentially $15 with the Chicago CityPASS? Not to mention, you also get a 10% discount at the food court and the gift shop.